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I am a freelance graphic designer working in

animation, illustration, branding, print and 3D

Paul Monaghan Design or PMD logo on an old fashioned television with an orange Mustang Boss toy on top Spy sitting in a bar with a cocktail

Watch face concept and visualisation

Illustration concept

Spy sitting in a bar with a cocktail

Assurance - Procurement animation

E & Y - History of money animation

KPMG - Client journey animation

Events - producing animated content for multiple screens

Laugh Out Loud opening titles - Channel 5

Plymouth Marine Laboratories - animation concept

Komo artists' inks - bottle and label concept and visualisation

Free Speech opening titles - BBC3

Angry Brits opening titles - Channel 4

Volkswagen TV - brand

Prickly Pair - brand

Hot and Dangerous opening title - Quest TV

Freshers opening titles - ITV2

Pearson English Language tests

No Flies brand

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