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This is an experiment in 3D motion tracking. I shot some hand-held, shaky footage in Ruskin Park, onto which I added a landing space-ship. The tracking enabled me to match the ship animation with the wobbles in the camera work. I then added a HUD, with moving calibration that follows the roll and wobble of the landscape. And I did it just for the LOLs.

Lords of Misrule biker gang

Gang logo, jacket and tattoo design for an alternative version of Shakespear's Twelfth Night.

Two colour cityscape illustration

Just for a gas, really.

The Tank

This is a poster for a horror-film that will have a cool poster

Materials drawer

This is an experiment into creating unusual types of stuff in a 3D modelling program. They are meant to look like minerals, with varying colours / patterns / textures. I probably ought to get out more.

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